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Do You Have Home Garden Furniture Supplies Tools?

Do you know what garden furniture tools are? Let me share with you the garden furniture Supplies that provide tools for different families.

Do You Have Home Garden Furniture Supplies Tools?
  1. Gardening knife
    The flat round head base can be used to knock the tent pile. A convenient inch mark measures the depth of the implant. A rust-proof, double-edged blade can cut branches or cut firelights. Hori Hori gardening knives can help you achieve these functions. BAREBONES Garden Knives is one of the 100 new outdoor gears of 2015 launched by This Old House magazine. Its uniquely designed multi-purpose tool is the perfect companion for outdoor adventure. Iron shovel
    Gardening shovel is generally a flat rectangular semi-circular tip. Unlike traditional farm shovel, horticultural shovel is small and exquisite. It is ideal for small gardens, land ploughing, land preparation, planting and planting.
  2. Ripper
    The strong knives of the ripper easily slid through the thick, hard soil, and the weeds in the past were scattered. The handle is rugged, the floor and the ground are very convenient and comfortable, and the stainless steel tines ensure long-term frequent use.
  3. Trimming scissors
    Trimming scissors can be used for trimming twigs and squid branches. This special scissors is cleverly gripped and has a large handle that makes it easy to use. In fact, the use of trimming scissors is very wide, such as BAREBONES trimming scissors, in addition to trimming the flower branches, it can also be used for shearing wool.
  4. folding shovel
    Whether it is to eliminate stubborn and tough weeds, or to dig trench irrigation, the folding shovel can be competent, soft and hard soil is no exception.
  5. Field knife
    Field knives can realize seamless handover of excavation, planting and harvesting. Equipped with a heat-treated cavity back blade, all stainless steel tangs, a rope cutter and a comfortable walnut handle, the Hori Hori Classic field knife is the ultimate gardening tool for long-term use.
  6. Fang Wei
    Remove stubborn roots, hay, level the soil, and prepare for planting new plants. The BAREBONES square curved blade is very convenient for trenching and soil preparation, and the slightly curved handle is comfortable to grip, and the opponent and the wrist can swing freely.
  7. Tool knife
    Clean the shrubs, strip the bark, get the plates, and cut the firelights—-a tool knife is all set. For example, the Japanese NATA tool knife combines various functions and is more durable. Stainless steel blades and solid steel cores that pass through wooden shanks add to the stability and weight of the product (swing weight), but the overall structure is still compact and lightweight, making it a must-have for any tool set.
  8. Short handle axe
    The special purpose design of the hatchet is to provide proper weight and balance, maximize the swinging process, and provide full steel tangs and over-strike protection to enhance strength to maintain the integrity of the pecan handle. Wax canvas and leather sleeve protection blades have been chosen to protect them from all kinds of bumps when not in use.
  9. One-handed axe
    It is such a pleasant thing to chop firewood in the fresh air of the mountains. The wide-angle design makes it easy to swing the heavier head, and the 1055 high carbon steel separation blade maintains a sharp edge. The 1/3″ solid steel core through the wooden shank secures the head by tightening the hex bolts and attaches the head to the steel round end to help you easily switch between root removal and digging.
Do You Have Home Garden Furniture Supplies Tools?

The above is shared with you gardening supplies tools, we are selected, we recommend the choice of rust-proof easy to clean, and the blade can be repeatedly grinding fast materials. Be aware of safety during use.

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