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Personalized DIY Garden Decorating To Make Your Garden Unique

Do you want to make your garden unique? Today, I will share with you how DIY belongs to your own garden decorating.

Personalized DIY Garden Decorating To Make Your Garden Unique

First add some flowers to your garden that bloom all year round. It is a vital flower designed from scrap metal and stakes. Decorative knobs are designed at the center of each flower to connect the entire part. And the color matching is very design, the details are also very subtle, artistic.
Make the garland, first use a plastic green leaf to form a garland shape, and bond well. Then use a plastic can and a mixed metal box to trim your favorite shape and apply your favorite color. It is then attached to the plastic green leaf chassis and can be hung up when it is bonded.
Collect and trim the remaining ornaments, make it into a nice shape, and secure the ball with a vaulted steel tripod. Draw the entire sphere with a special yellow pigment. Insert the reinforcement firmly into the ground 6 to 8 inches. To keep the entire sphere stable. The artistic atmosphere is blended into the garden decorating through a simple double-decker fountain. This ingenious design transforms the smallest garden into an exotic garden.

Decorate these reusable plant markers to give your garden a new look. Combine one tablespoon of uncompacted tile grout with 1/4 cup of outdoor paint. Create your own small blackboard and text. It can be used to mark plants. Or write a name for the plant.

Use these ceramic tiles or panel decorations to make handmade stepping stones. Create a beautiful garden path. To keep costs to a minimum, you can look for shredded or broken ceramics at the flea market or at the community sales office.

The flower pots made by mixing concrete are more integrated with the entire garden. The flowers in the pots also add a lot of color. This is very fun. The manufacturing process of the flower pot uses a small milk carton as the internal mold, and the shape is made to be no different from the flowerpot that is usually seen in life.

Because of these colorful outdoor art, an artistic fence without any decoration becomes an aesthetic art. This wooden picture window is mounted on the frame with wooden planks.

Before drawing this image, apply an outdoor acrylic paint to the slats and then secure the slats to the frame of the wall with a fixed-position adhesive. Then use the paint to brush out the image. Then wait until it is dry before doing other design.

Use a colorful hanging basket design to grab everyone’s attention. This design is very simple, but the artistry is huge. This silky green, a little bit of colored embellishment can be placed directly in the garden, on the front porch, in the courtyard or on the deck.

Make a beautiful garden wreath with a plastic nursery jar and some mixed metal boxes. Regardless of its shape, size or color, it stays in the rain and in the sun.

Personalized DIY Garden Decorating To Make Your Garden Unique

After looking at the DIY garden decoration above, is not very special, you can also do it! Believe me, you will have different garden life, in addition, if you are also interested in garden furniture, please continue to pay attention to us, we will bring you the most practical furniture supplies and decorative information!

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